Depression is one of the most debilitating disorders during pregnancy and its recovery and treatment are among the concerns of obstetrics and gynecology experts. The present study aimed to determine the effect of omega-3 supplement on mild depression during pregnancy among primiparous women.

In this double-blind clinical trial, 80 primiparous women were randomly divided into 2 groups of omega-3 and placebo. The experimental group received 1 g omega-3 capsules for 6 weeks. The study data were collected by completing Beck Depression Inventory before and 6 weeks after the intervention.

The results revealed a significant difference between the two groups regarding the mean score of depression before and after the intervention (P<0.001). Besides, the mean difference of depression score before and after the intervention was significantly higher in the omega-3 group (P<0.001).

Considering the study results, using omega-3 supplement is a suitable method for recovery from mild depression during pregnancy with no complications for mothers and infants.

PMID: 25349856

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